Channelings through Lannis
'Nothing is a solid form.
All thinking and forms and ways can be smoothed and refined.
Movement is (like) water and water moves over rocks and stones,
and often takes centuries of earth time to smooth over the sharp
edges of stones and rocks.
Do you see this picture?
Movement is a lifetime commitment and movement sometimes
seems very slow even though it is moving very quickly.
If you can imagine a river of water rushing over a jagged rock, and
you as a being were standing there watching and thinking to yourself:
'This water is moving quickly, and there is this jagged rock beneath the water'.
If you stood there for an hour, a day, a month, it would be hard for you to see that this rock,
this jagged rock becoming smoother and smoother, and you might become impatient;
but if youwould go down the stream, or change your position,
or realize that the softening of the rock was indeed happening,
even though you might not be able to see it as you watch, then you would know about trust. So, back to going down the stream -- you find at the mouth of the stream some pebbles that are round and smooth
and have been softened by the movement of the water over much time on the earth level,
and if you would feel these stones, you would know that much has passed over
and around these rocks to smooth them,
and as you feel these rocks or any smooth surface you realize that,
yes, one needs to trust and become patient and stay in the truth of one's own journey.
A rock is a rock; a plant is a plant; and a person is a person, and it is all the same. We are all connected'.

Realities Merging

Lannis – "I get the feeling of a Lightbearer, with whom we have communicated with before.  They are sort of spirits that bridge many realities and many lifetimes into this lifetime.  They do not have what we would think of as a complete identity.  Then as I kept feeling this lightbearer's presence, even though I tried to resist a little bit, there was the image of a big Angel, it is Archangel Michael. I really believe in angels and all that, but I never really remember what each Archangel is about, so we will see how this evolves.  But definitely Archangel Michael is very present with this Lightbearer.  It seems as a very important bridge for many beings I hear over and over from them both.  This is very specific for many beings who are wanting to hear some information and confirmation of their sense that things are shifting, that we will, many of us become very aware of in a very short time in the earth time".

Guides – "Many beings in the earth time are feeling that the energies are in an intense shifting, a kind of movement of sorts.  Realities are merging.  Many beings are beginning to be able to understand and feel other realities. Whereas, before they may or not have wanted to or actually believed that this was a truth that they were feeling.  

Truths are only as true as each reality.  This is why it is so important to understand and learn and continue to consider that nothing that you hear or see is a complete and formed truth.  Many beings wish this to be true, that there are truths and non-truths only.  This is not possible simply because there are so many different realities happening on so many levels of every being's lifetime, some beings are more sensitive to these realities.  Some learn to block them out, which is also fine.  There are no judgments from all the realms coming to the earth time reality.  Of course, as we have talked about or spoken of before there are some spirits or energies that seem to be negative.  They are caught in the darker spheres of the many realities.  They try to come through and bring fear into realities.  This is also a teaching.  It is an opportunity for you beings in the earth time to go beyond the earth time, to remember to use your tools, your light and your energies, for you to know that this is only one tiny facet of reality.  This is how life is in the earth time.  You have the opportunity during a lifetime to learn that it is not a solid reality.  You are born into the earth time.  You will die into the earth time.  Your energies and spirit will move ever onward either helping other beings who enter into the earth time or to come back into the earth time to learn more from the earth time.  We have spoken of this to you many times.  It is something that will always be communicated from other realities.  This is a necessary communication because there are always those who forget that they have come through to learn, to continue to grow, to live in the earth time and go beyond the earth time.  

Nothing stays in a limited reality; no plant, animal, being, spirit, guide or angel, whatever you want to call energy.  It is never a solid matter.  It doesn't matter what beings want to believe or not.  They will learn one way or another, throughout either one lifetime, hundreds, thousands or millions of lifetimes, it doesn't matter.  

This is why when you look at beings in your lifetime or want to understand or are trying to learn  of other realities, you learn that judgment becomes less and less of an aspect of your being.  Letting go of judgment is letting go of the idea of limited reality.  This is why you see in the earth time many, many different types of beings.  Some seem to be very solid and in the earth time, very capable, very understanding, very safe.  Others seem to be very edgy, not able to adapt to what the earth time says it is meant to be.  This goes on and on.  

This is what you feel and know as the 'wheel of life', ever changing, ever moving and teaching you.  It is always important for those of you beings who wish to learn to understand the many realities beyond the limited and formed earth time reality.  

Remember the biggest lesson is to not judge, to not be in the fears of the world.  Thoughts of what reality is or isn't.  This is a work of a lifetime.  This is what lifetimes are for, to learn to move through many realities.  Those of you who are already feeling other realities or wondering whether there are other realities, are already aware that there are.  Then sometimes a being comes through and begins to say no, this reality is this and that and that is to them a formed reality.  This often helps many beings in their lifetime to know that there are some forms that are for them real.  There are many beings however who wish to remember why they came into this reality, or they may also remember where their spirit has come from and why; what they have come here to learn in this earth time.

As we have often said there are many realities.  So beings stay in other realities and do not enter the earth time limited reality.  Yet they can come through as spirits, as guidance.  Many beings who seemed to have died to your limited and formed reality do often try and connect with you and many are able to.

Remember that it takes a lot of consciousness and energy to enter into a formed reality.  Already this is a major decision from the spirit worlds.  There are beings who have been on earth in the earth time reality and there are spirits and beings who come through from other realities, meaning other planetary places or planets and other consciousnesses.  It is not just the earth that is here to teach you.  There are many, many, many other constellations that are open to you to explore the energies from.  Do not be afraid when you feel expansion coming or openness or feelings of the many vibrations of the many other realities.  You know this, you have worked with this.  And many will come to you who want to understand this also.  And many, many more beings are becoming open to this.  The limited formed realities are now limiting beings.  This has gone on throughout all human history.  It is just that at this moment in the history of mankind it has escalated to so much information being passed on to so many beings who have decided to be in the earth time at the same time.  This vibrational energy is causing major shifts in the atmosphere and in the earth itself; her self and you and many others are feeling this to be true.  It is nothing to fear, it is just a shift.  

It will bring about many changes in the human conscious conditioning.  This is how the earth works.  This is the earth's function.  You choose this to learn what you are learning.  

Whether it is through a disease, a disaster, a shift, or an opening of the heart, of the mind, or of the spirit.  It does not matter.  What does matter is to not judge these situations.  It is so easy for beings in the earth time to become afraid and to be in fear or to judge others for their shifts and changes.  

Try and remember why each of you individuals came through and what you are here to do.  This is something to always ask for and to try and understand.  Watch the way that you learn.  Watch the way that you move past different situations that appear to you in the earth time.

You have heard this in many forms and many ways and will continue to be reminded of the work that is to be done in the earth time level.  

Thank you for listening.  
Thank you for trying to understand all the different ways to live life.  
And thank you for passing on this information to those who wish it".

"The times in this earth time right now as we have heard before are definitely shifting. All of these beings have been through many wars, many lifetimes, much sadness, and many losses and many gains through this learning.

You need to continue to trust, to love, to honor all those beings around us. This is the continued thread that keeps humanity humane.  Wars continue, death continues, birth continues, fear continues.  It is our work to remember to love beyond these boundaries; to remember to not judge others, including ourselves for our imperfections in the earth time. The earth time is a place of learning as we have heard over and over again.  And we will continue to hear from many spirits and from many different times." 

Lannis - "I get the sense they have lived through very harsh lives, harsh times, very trying times and also very beneficial. They wish to pass on, the council of love, the following:"

"To not judge is not an easy thing to do, when in the earth time situations occur that seem so unjust, so unfair, and so unreal to us and those around us. We, though, are given the opportunity in this life time to go beyond those boundaries of fear and injustice to others. This is why we often have memories of past situations that have been very painful in the earth time. This is important to remember. There is a reason for the remembrance, there is a reason that these memories come to you so easily. Because you are here to pass beyond those limitations, to give to others the knowledge of learning, living beyond the boundaries of injustice, murder, fear, and hate. All hate and injustice comes from fear. Beings in the earth time are always learning this. Sometimes it takes many, many life times to learn just this one lesson:To love beyond the fear; to go beyond the boundaries of the limited earth time reality.

As you know you meet people, beings, in the earth time that are unable to understand this. This is not for you to judge. It is only for you to pass on what you can to others around you.
 If they want to learn, they will understand. They will fear. They will learn.  If they do not it is only because they need to learn other lessons in this lifetime. They will come back, at other times, in other realities to learn the lesson of love.  It is not a judgment, it is only a passing on and on and on of the soul trying to learn to be free and open and without judgment. This is the basis of the soul.  There are many lifetimes.  There are many realities. As you know the sole purpose of coming into this lifetime is to regain the soul.  It is to remember the purity of love that goes beyond all boundaries. 

Now the earth time is shifting dramatically. You are feeling this more and more as your beings are shifting very dramatically, because you have been working on so many levels. This will continue to affect your being in the earth time.  This is so mysterious and interesting and important for you to observe and feel and look at and not judge. There will be many beings that will go through much fear and pain, as there always have been. Remember though that many more will move on past this. As with every life time and every earth time. All beings continue to grow.  Often it seems that they are not. This is part of your work. To not judge this; to not fear this; to understand that it is all a process beyond what we can understand in one lifetime. This is why you feel so much when you see beings and hear beings that are in fear.  It affects your vibrational level. And this is what you are learning; to go beyond the limits and the limitations of others’ boundaries. This is a work of a lifetime.  This will continue as you continue to grow; as you continue to listen; as you continue to move forward on your journey. The most important aspect of this is to not judge any around you.

This is something that you are aware of and continue to work on.  It is very important. It will move you forward beyond so many limited earth time boundaries.

Continue to listen to everything; to listen to all the signs that you are given; to see and hear and feel everything. You are given many throughout each and every earth time day. These are important to pay attention to; to grow with. Your being ness expands as you let go of boundaries.  As you are able to listen to others and their limitations and boundaries and not judge them. Just to let them go through you. Not necessarily to say something. Sometimes it is important, sometimes it is not. Sometimes beings need to just express their fears, their pains, their worries, their need to have boundaries to have control over a situation. These are all things to learn from".

"There are spirits from millennia here. They are flooding in just like water.
Just like the situations going on in the earth now."
"Just as this wave took away so many lives in the earth time there were as many spirits waiting for them. Because on other levels of reality this was already a known situation expected to happen. This earth reality is the one reality here, and there are many other realities as you know and you have heard of throughout all your dealings with channeling, through spirits, through angels, through guides.

There is much grief in the world right now. And you are all feeling it. Not everyone in the world is feeling it. But more beings than have felt it in a very long time. Because of the way the earth time moves right now with all the available ways of communication more and more beings in the earth time know what has happened. Thus they have become more compassionate and their hearts are being opened. They are being forced to open. Many beings who would in the past not have understood certain feelings are being opened by this earth time situation of so many beings being taken in the tidal wave, the Tsunami, being taken so swiftly, so quickly.
It is like a giant swipe off of the earth. There have always been shifts in the earth time. Since the earth has been here. You know this. You feel this. You talk about this and so do many other beings in the earth time. Yet when a situation occurs so beyond the comprehension of so many it becomes a powerful remembrance of what earth time beings in the earth time level have really no control of. This is one of the lessons of so many teachings. Over and over you hear you will never know when your moment it coming in the earth time. Spirits who have left know this because they have left through various ways. Sometimes gentle. Sometimes the opposite. Sometimes painful. Sometimes easily. This is important to remember; it is the most important thing to remember. When something so huge in the earth time happens remember to not become afraid, to continue to use all your tools to send the love and light that you can, to all the spirits and all those around them who have passed beyond the earth time. Everything will be affected including the mountains, the trees, the animals, the sea and the earth itself. It is just as if when something happens to you, a being. For instance a fall, an accident, a cut, anything, this, then, resonates all around you and affects everything around you, as when somebody dies, when somebody moves on to another level. It affects those around them. Some people in the earth time are able to understand and not become afraid when these occurrences happen. So when an earth time so called catastrophe happens the more beings that can send the love and light the better it is for the earth, for the spirits who have left, the ones who had to leave very quickly. And to all those around them and to the spirits on the other side in other realities who are waiting. This kind of earthquake tidal wave has been experienced by others in other realities and other times.

Just as you have said Atlantis, Pompeii, the islands in Hawaii, the separation of continents in Alaska, China all these situations that have happened throughout eons of history. It is just that you are here now at this moment of a historical change in the earth time.
The earth shifts just as you do. It must shift just as you shift and move. You all change, shift, learn, share and open up to and understand more. It is the same with the earth. The earth can only take so much pressure. Remember that the earth is just an extension of you in the earth time and also us, the spirits that have passed on. We all inter-relate, we all give each other energies. Naturally there are people in the earth time who wish to find some explanation, - how did this happen? why? how can we fix it? how can we stop it from happening again? This won't work. Just as we have said before in our messages. The earth is shifting. It is going through a major shifting time now as it has before. There have been many civilizations and many peoples who have been here for hundreds of thousands of earth time years and then left. It is a movement, a shift, a change that you as earth beings in the earth time have the opportunity to learn from, to work with, to try and be more conscious of, and to try and rise beyond the basic fears. Of course fears will be there. Of course sadness and grief and loss will be felt. There are thousands of beings from the earth time who have suddenly passed on. This is a shock to not only the earth beings, it is also to the earth itself.

 Just think if you wanted to move your shoulders or needed to scratch something on your body and you realized that everything was being shifted. You would feel a responsibility also. This is how the earth is. And the earth does need to scratch and shift and move at certain moments in certain cycles of certain times in the earth time. This is why there are earthquakes, there are tidal waves, there are volcanoes. There are all kinds of shifts on the earth. This is what makes it a moving, livable, incredible, alive, and functioning reality in the earth time.

The spirits that have moved on do not need to be on this level of functioning when they have moved on; they are there to help from the other realities. As you know not all beings that pass on move into the realm of the positive spirit world. Most do though. There are only some tricksters. They do not have the power to shift the earth. It is why we continue to come through to more and more beings in the earth time, - to share the light and love. To encourage earth time beings to send their energy of love and light and use their tools instead of the fear that is so easily tapped into. Fear is very limiting. Fear can control beings. This is known throughout history. And more and more of the beings on the earth time are becoming conscious of this. So, when a phenomenon like this has happened it resonates out around the world and aids many beings in becoming more conscious.

Continue to do your work. Continue to use your tools. Continue to feel the compassion and the heart felt love to those beings who have had to go through that shock of leaving. And the Tsunami was that - it was a shock. And remember there are shocks all over the world. To individuals and to groups. This was a massive shock. This shock wave will affect so many beings in the earth time to help them remember to realize that we must care for each other on this earth. For those who stay here, you must love, remember to love, and not get into the fear. Fear causes anger. Fear causes fear.
Also we want to remind you that, as we mentioned earlier, there were many, many spirits who had prepared for a very long time to open up and help the beings who were taken in such a horrendous way in the earth time. We were waiting, we were helping and we still are, along with all the beings on the earth time who are helping also. Continue to send the prayers and the energy that will help all those left behind. The families, the loved ones. All your love and prayers help these beings, not all, but many of them you are helping to open their hearts to more love and light in the earth time.

This is something for you to really take into your hearts and beings now. Thank you for listening and being open.